The Construction Process

1 – Plan Review

During the Plan Review, you will meet with the consultant and the contractor to review the plans and selections you have made for your new home. The consultant and contractor are available to walk you through each stage of the process answering any questions you have along the way.

2 – Footing/Foundation Phase

After all permits have been obtained, the construction process will begin. You will see the footing, rock is poured for drive, silt fence is erected for erosion prevention purposes, and soil treatments applied. After the footing inspection is completed, the block foundation will be set in place. Inside the foundation will be back filled and positive drain installed. Now we are ready to begin the framing phase!

3 – Framing/Rough Ins

Finally comes the framing and you can really begin to see the shape of your home. Framing will include the installation of shingles, exterior doors, house wrap, and windows. Following framing is the mechanical rough ins of your new home. This will include such items as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, media, gas, fireplace, and pre-insulation. Prior to the electrical rough in you will walk through your home to discuss appropriate placement of electrical components. After all of the rough in process is completed, you will be able to walk through your home and discuss framing and any questions you may have at this point.

4 – Inspections

There will be a series of inspections performed at this point. After all inspections are performed and passed, the insulation will be hung. Most areas will then require an insulation inspection.

5 – Drywall / Trim-Paint / Cabinetry / Flooring

The next stage after insulation is where the drywall is installed. You now have walls!! After the drywall has been completed, the interior trim including interior doors and baseboards will be installed. In addition, we will be installing all hardwood and tile flooring. Following the trim, we will be painting your home with the colors you have personally selected. Such an exciting time!

6 – Exterior

You have come so far and are now nearing completion! What an exciting time this is!! Your exterior trim is now being completed, stonework finished, and all exterior brick applied. Your house plan is fast becoming a home. Just a bit more and your home will be ready for you to move in.

7 – Trim outs

The mechanical trades will come back out to your home to install the finishing touches. You will find that the exterior is nearing completion with the installation of concrete driveway, sidewalks, and finished yard. Your house plan is becoming a home.

8 – Quality Control Inspections

Two weeks prior to closing, a thorough inspection will be performed of your home. A complete list of items to correct will be compiled and all adjustments made accordingly. Your walk through is now completed!

9 – Closing

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Your new Richardson Group home is ready to move in and enjoy for years to come!