The Buying Process

1 – Online Research

With the convenience of Internet availability today, there is no reason to hit the pavement to find your new home. By beginning your home search online, you will save yourself countless hours, hundreds in fuel costs, and some tired feet. With an investment of a small amount of your time you will be able to narrow your search down to one or two communities in which you would like to build as well as one or two house plans. The Richardson Group has a consultant available to answer any preliminary questions you may have.

2 – Visit the Community of Your Choice

Schedule a visit to the community in which you are interested. Our consultant will be available to familiarize you with the community and the floor plans available within that particular neighborhood. At this time, they will want to have a conversation with you to discover those things, which are important to you in a new home. A few simple questions should help you narrow down your search.

Home Buying Process Nashville

3 – Select a Home and Site

Once your house plan has been selected, our representative will be able to guide you in choosing the sites that are available for you to build your dream home. Some factors which must be considered when choosing a lot is the width/depth of the home site, as well as what floor plans and/or elevations are sitting next to the available home site. You can place your trust in the expertise of our consultant to guide you in such a manner as to help you create the perfect piece of Murfreesboro Real Estate just for you. Joey Richardson excels in taking a home plan and customizing this plan to bring your dream home to a reality. We do not compromise quality, excellence, or structure when achieving a superior finished home tailored for you.

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4 – Build your Home on Paper

What an exciting time you are now entering! You have narrowed down the community, floor plan, and home site. Now it is time to build your house on paper. This is the time the Richardson Group consultant will sit down with you and review all features which are included as well as any you may wish to personalize for your home. Additions you might consider are energy efficient windows, reserve wine cooler, wet bar etc. At the end of this time, you will have an excellent idea as to your final sales price, as well as firm idea of your monthly investment including taxes and insurance. This positions you to make an informed decision, which will best benefit your family based on your budget and the needs of your household.

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5 – Write a Purchase Agreement

Now that you have completed steps 1-4, you are in a position to determine if all contributing factors such as community, house plan, home site, and payment are going to be the appropriate choice for your family. It is now time to write the purchase agreement. This requires an affordable amount of earnest money, which often times can be community specific. This earnest money is then applied to the down payment when you close on your new home.

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6 – Make Loan Application

Once your Purchase Agreement is complete, you will want to make loan application immediately ( unless you are paying cash for the home ). This step is typically completed with a short appointment with your loan officer or mortgage broker, so that they may answer any questions you may have, and so that you can deliver to them the necessary supporting documents. If you should need references for a knowledgeable, honest, ethical loan agent, we are happy to recommend several for you to choose from.

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7 – Design Time

The most exciting and fun time of the building process has now begun! During this time you will finalize your option selections as well as choose the colors you desire for your new home. These choices can include anything from flooring, countertop, cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures, brick, and more. This is such an exciting way to personalize your new home!

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8 – Interactive Systems Time

Now is the time to determine and finalize all in-home wiring such as surround sound, alarm systems, cable and phone placement, etc. Before construction begins on your home, you may be required to pay 10% of the option total, which is finalized during the Design Time. This, too, will be applied toward the down payment on your new home.

9 – Blueprint Design and Construction Materials

Now that you have done your part in making all the selections and your loan has been approved, you can rest easy while we begin the construction process. This process begins with the drawing of your blueprints and the ordering of your construction materials. Within a week of finalizing all selections, your Consultant and the Project Manager will conduct a Plan Review, thus beginning the

Home Construction Process Nashville

10 – The Construction Process

During the time that your home is under construction, your consultant will be sure to contact you and give you construction updates. This is the perfect time to address any questions and/or concerns that you may have. This serves to keep you informed as to what stage of construction your home is in, and will also add to your excitement as you take part in the building process.

11 – Close On Your New Home

Finally! The time you have so eagerly awaited is here. It is time to close on your new home, get moved, and begin enjoying life in your new Richardson Group home! You will enjoy celebrating holidays, taking Sunday afternoon naps, entertaining family/friends, watching Monday night football and so much more in your new home. It is our goal to create a custom home and create a happy memory for you! Welcome home!

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